Kingsford Kingsford Deluxe Charcoal Chimney Starter

Kingsford Kingsford Deluxe Charcoal Chimney Starter

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Kingsford deluxe charcoal chimney starter will help you light up your charcoal faster, easier, and more evenly. The Kingsford charcoal chimney starter is crafted with you in mind and features durable, rust-resistant zinc steel. The vented charcoal base and circular air vents help light your charcoal as quickly as possible, while your hands stay protected from extreme temperatures with the heat shield and stay-cool handle. This tool is sure to become one of your favorite BBQ accessories this summer. It will be hard to remember what it was like grilling without it. Directions items you'll need: long reach lighter or matches, charcoal briquettes, heat resistant cooking mitts or gloves.Â?Step 1 place the charcoal chimney starter on top of a cold, clean grill.Â?Step 2 fill the space under the vented base inside the charcoal chimney starter with a few sheets of crumpled-up newspaper or a few fire starter rolls.Â?Step 3 fill the space above the vented base with briquettes. Step 4 with the long reach lighter or matches, light the newspaper and watch as the charcoal chimney starter evenly lights the charcoal briquettes inside. Step 5 remove the upper grill grate. While wearing heat resistant mitts or gloves, grab the handle of your charcoal chimney starter when the briquettes are lightly covered with white ash and pour the coals into your grill. Step 6 put the upper grill grate back onto the grill. Caution windy weather can disperse lit embers which can cause unintended fires. For outdoor use only.
  • Fast working charcoal chimney starter will light up quickly and evenly

  • Heavy duty construction with durable zinc plated metal

  • Light-weight design makes for convenient use and storage

  • Built with heat shield and a stay cool handle

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