GE Vintage 40-Watt EQ T6 Amber Dimmable Candle Light Bulb

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GE Vintage Style 40-Watt Replacement Amber Finish T6 Tubular LED light bulbs combine the retro look of antique incandescent bulbs with the benefits of LED. A warm candlelight glow and golden-tinted amber glass recreate the vintage light bulb. This decorative bulb is great for frequently used fixtures—this GE Vintage Style LED bulb is rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours per day use and saves 61 dollars on energy costs over the bulb's life versus a 40-Watt globe vintage incandescent bulb. It features instant full brightness and are free of Mercury for easy disposal. Use the Vintage Style T6 Tubular (3 with 4-inch diameter) bulb with a candelabra base in dimmable pendant lights and decorative fixtures, including damp locations.
  • Retro Look Tube LED Light: The Edison bulb combines the retro look of antique filament incandescent bulbs with the benefits of LED light bulbs

  • Vintage Style LED Edison Bulb: The classic Edison bulb gives a dimmable, warm, candlelight glow. Golden-tinted glass recreates the vintage light bulb. Use this decorative, candelabra-base GE LED bulb in pendants, chandeliers, and decorative fixtures

  • Money and Energy Saving Edison Bulbs: The long life and low energy use of GE Vintage Style LED light bulbs will help you save money on energy. The estimated energy cost of this tube light bulb is 0.36 cents per year

  • Decorative Touch LED Light Bulbs: Thanks totheir aesthetic design, LED Edison bulbs compliment your fixture and add a decorative touch even when the light bulb is off

  • Long Lasting Light Bulb: The vintage light bulbs have a rated life of 13 years based on three hours per day of use. The Edison LED bulb offers great quality, light, and function

  • 1 LED bulb per package

  • T6 tubular (3/4-inch diameter) shape and size/amber finish

  • Candelabra base (E12)

  • Decorative bulbs for pendant lights and decorative fixtures

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